Majorca Holidays

The Island on a Budget

Looking to go on one of the famed Majorca holidays your friends keep telling you about?

Majorca Holidays

If basking in the sun on white beaches, taking a dip in the Mediterranean, exploring coves, caves and mountains, and enjoying the myriad delights this popular island tourist destination without spending a small fortune sound impossible, think again. A holiday in Majorca doesn’t need to be expensive. Majorca holidays can be customized to suit every need and every budget.

Majorca, a beautiful island located on the Mediterranean Sea, is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Vacationing in Majorca offers tourists the best of both worlds: beautiful mountaintop views and pristine beaches are a short distance away from five star restaurants, golf courses, and world-class shopping establishments. A short tour through the capital city of Palma and you’re in for a visual treat: a 14th century Gothic cathedral built on the site of a mosque flanked by trendy coffee shops, Arab baths, and a labyrinthine city within a city with Arab and Florentine architecture. Majorca has been a popular holiday destination since the 1950s, with tourists from all over the world choosing Majorca holidays. Even celebrities have been known to set up camp on this idyllic island.

Cheap Flights
Many airlines offer direct flights to Majorca, but they’re not all priced the same. Depending on when and where you book your flight, you can get to Majorca for as little as 30 GBP…the price of a purse or a set of books. Websites that allow you to compare rates from all of the airlines offering flights to Majorca will help you find the best deals to get you started on your Majorca holiday. It might also be worth it to book early, as airlines generally offer lower prices for flights booked well in advance.

Seek Out Affordable Accommodations
The same websites that offer price comparisons on flights to Majorca often allow visitors to compare prices of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and apartments in Majorca. Utilizing these websites means less time talking to (and sometimes arguing with) hotel receptionists and booking agents and more time finding the perfect place for you and your companions to spend your Majorca holidays in.

More People, More Savings
Great things come in small packages, and Majorca holidays are no exception. All-inclusive packages often mean incredible savings if you’re travelling with a large group of people. Families may opt for packaged Majorca holidays that include trips to family-friendly attractions such as Auto-Safari Zoo, the Aquacity Water Park, and the Palma Nova Golf Fantasia mini golf course.

Majorca holidays are not as expensive as other people may make them sound sound. With proper planning and a lot of research, exploring the best the island has to offer while staying within a budget is perfectly possible.